What is Responsive Web Design?

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Responsive Web Design is the concept of making all developments in design adaptable and compliant to the user’s preference and behavior as well as the web environment based on orientation, screen size, and platform. Whether the users opt to switch from their smartphone to tablet or to laptop, the website should by design adapt to the image size, scripting abilities and resolution of the corresponding gadget or device. Different designs and constant upgrading or revisions to adapt to every new gadget introduced in the market are no longer necessary because this website has flexible images and layouts and grids.

With so many screen sizes, it would be very overwhelming to develop a custom design for each of them. That is why Responsive Web Design is drawing considerable attention now from web users because with it, the same functionality is possible without having to deal with the limitations from traditional web designs.

Flexible Web Design and Fluid Websites automatically adjust images without breaking the layouts. Instant switch from portrait orientation to landscape is easily resolved with the flexible and fluid designs. It may not always work perfectly with all conditions but by far it is already a good solution and option. Several responsive web designs have been developed and each always manages to come up with better flexible layout. More choices and options are available now as technology advancement continues. With the capability to adjust screen resolutions, rearrange layout elements, resize images automatically, show and hide contents easily, flexible web designs can respond to different screen sizes and variety of devices.


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