Website SWOT Analysis for Internet Marketing Success

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Many business owners are making the transition from traditional local stores to going digital by creating their own websites and promoting their businesses internationally. Even the most experienced business owners have a lot to learn when it comes to internet marketing; this is a whole new ball game. The key to being successful selling goods and services online is to take what you know on the real world and apply some techniques specifically designed to improve your sales or your presence online. These techniques are key components to analyzing your online business with the purpose to find your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

When it comes to acknowledging the strengths of your online business you have to analyze both onsite and off line SEO. Onsite SEO is about how your website is arranged internally, how easy it is to navigate so your customers can find your products and information easily and quicker. You also have to consider how strong is your online presence, what is your credibility and always ask yourself from a costumers view point would you buy from yourself. Off-line SEO however is quite another story; when you have a strong off-line SEO foundation it means that you have other websites of relevant content pointing back at yours which is the most important key for dominating the search engines. 

Look carefully at your business and answer this to yourself; what are your main weaknesses? Why are you not selling as much as you would like? Would you buy from yourself if you were a customer? And what can you do to improve yourself in these areas? If you’re aware of what you’re doing wrong then is much easier to make it better and reach your goal faster.

The internet is full of opportunities that you can use to boost your search engine rankings and most of them are free. As an online business owner you main goal is to have as many traffic to your main page as possible and then convert that traffic into sales. Plain and simple to be successful online you need to attract people to your website and while there make them close a deal or sale.

The internet is also full of threats that can devalue your website and make the evolution of your business harder and slower. Avoid at all costs posting content that is not relevant to your website niche because search engines like Google penalize this by lowering your rankings. Requesting backlinks to other websites that are not relevant to you is also a bad idea and it could end up devaluing to rankings or getting your website kick out of search engines indexes.

The key to being successful in an online business is to evaluate your strengths, overcome your weaknesses and always keep an eye open for opportunities. Since the web changes every minute of every day, in order to keep the marketing advantage you must always study and review the competition in your niche market.


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