Web Analytics – How It Can Be Used to Track Offline Marketing Campaigns?

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Web Analytics as the name suggests is a complete process where data is gathered and measured to understand the behavior of online visitor so that necessary improvement can be done to enhance return on investment. There are numerous software packages dealing with web analytics. These packages take into accounts hits, clicks and page views of the concerned website and convert them into easy to analyze charts, reports, and graphs. Using such reports more effective ways to achieve business goals can be worked out.

Web Analytics basically provides analytical data for improvement of website use, customer engagement and marketing campaigns. Marketing is the most important part of any business. Equally important is to monitor marketing campaigns which may be offline or online. Offline marketing campaigns are done on TV, radio and print. The analytics package in no time can explain keywords used by people in search engines to reach your website, which ad campaigns are successful in bringing potential customers to your website and from which area the visitors are reaching your website.

Offline marketing campaigns can be used to reach your potential customers as radio, print and TV has a significant reach among the people across the globe. Now the question arises -Is the offline marketing working efficiently for you? How can this be checked? For that, web analytics package has an answer. If you have released an ad on TV, radio or print, the increased traffic to your website can be measured due to the campaign. The exact figures of the visitors to your website after watching the ad will tell you statistically the effectiveness of the offline campaign.

Here we will show you the simple steps involved in tracking offline campaign. First of all you have to create a URL for the campaign to be shown on TV or told on radio or promoted in print.

For example your website address is www.website.com

1) Build a specific folder for the offline campaign www.website.com/campaign

2) Create a subdomain www.campaign.website.com

3) A new domain www.campaignname.com is to be displayed as URL for offline marketing campaign.

Preferably, 301 redirect has to be used for steps 1, 2 & 3. The technique 301 redirect is used to change name of files and move website’s pages. Each time a visitor uses URL shown on TV, radio or print, the web analytics package will account that attempt to reach your website in the analysis for offline marketing campaign and produce the reports accordingly.

Web Analytics involves lots of technical aspects where expertise is essential so that corrective measures can be taken at the right time to avoid wastage of money on non-productive marketing campaign. At Powix, a team of experts will provide you best marketing solutions for your business.


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