How to Combine Social Media and E-Mail Marketing

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Everyday expert marketers are developing new means to promote business. A better option for promotion replaces the present one. What about using combination of two strategies together so as to make them work in the best possible manner for a marketing campaign? E-mail marketing had been a marketing tool in the market for quiet some time while social media marketing has been a relatively new trend.

Surveys have shown that email marketing campaign still provides high returns on investment In other words the money spent on email marketing campaign is worth for increasing customer based. E-mail marketing is effective tool to drive targeted traffic to the concerned website and convinces the probable customers to carry out desired actions like purchasing or making things work for getting connected for further communications. However e-mail campaign is to be worked out in a professional way where expertise is required to evaluate continuously the direction in which the campaign is moving.

The social networking sites have increased their popularity massively the last two years. It all started with Myspace now it is turn of Facebook and Twitter. These social networking sites have been exploded with people across the world. The business community is using this social media to interact with customers in order to promote loyalty towards their brand name. The benefits of social media are high volume of traffic, interaction with open and can be joined by many at a time. The big disadvantages are bad name spreads within no time and competitors can keep an eye on every move thereby subsequently can plan their strategies accordingly.

These are some tips to make marketing on social media well planned and engaging for maximum results. You need to get automated software for social media marketing campaign. Just concentrate on couple of popular social networking sites. The accounts created should be such that tweets sent are relevant. Monitor your account every day. Add relevant tweets regularly about new products, happening events, discount offers and others. The tweets can be scheduled and sent through software to all the accounts at the same time. Analyze and evaluate the responses of the tweets to improve the campaign.

Instead of thinking of either e-mail marketing or social media campaign alone, the good idea is to mix both. You join social networking sites and invite people in your e-mail list to follow you on those sites. Start engaging people on social media with interesting content for online presence. Provide links to your website or blog on social sites to direct interested people for more information on your business products. Once at your website or blog get more and more people into sign up for newsletter and get more and more number of people in your e-mail list. In this manner both the marketing tools social media and e-mail marketing will compliment each other and will provide ultimate results for your business.

People are using mix of social media and e-mail campaign for their business marketing needs. You should not restrain from using the same.


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